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March 11th, 2016

You need not be some Devil’s Advocate to win the heart and soul of this hot blonde bombshell. Charlize Theron may be channeling her inner demon when she encountered a horny man while getting a tan in a salon. If you wonder where she gets that fine smooth complexion just like Beyonce’s, well, here’s the video to show you what she does to maintain that glow plus a few other things you’ll enjoy discovering. Because Charlize, apparently, may have sold her soul to the devil, having lustful thought while inside a friggin’ tanning machine. Playing with herself, feeling the warmth inside, and eventually meeting this equally wild person who just really came in the salon for some pampering.

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Seeing Charlize rub her pussy while naked on the tanning bed made this dude’s cock stiff in an instant. And since Charlize is on a pampering spree, she wanted more of it by getting pleased by this now naked jock and just let loose. It was her first time to give a blowjob and get banged rough in a tanning salon, so she made sure to have this video for future reference. Lil did she know that she ain’t the only one who’s going to be getting naughty ideas through this because it’s already posted for the world to see. Go ahead and watch her suck on that dick and enjoy getting her pussy stretched here.

Charlize Theron’s Raunchy Sex Photos

September 30th, 2010

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Charlize Theron is turning out to be one hot and horny A-list celebrity, as this latest series of dirty pics of hers show.  These are just three of her reportedly numerous fuck sessions around Hollywood, and our Aeon Flux fantasies have just officially gone into overdrive with these hardcore photos.  Charlize Theron looks so fine riding cock reverse-cowgirl style, and she’s also really sexy when she’s on her back, being pounded on by guys with monster sized cocks.

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I’m sure we’d all love to stick our pork in her now that we’ve discovered that she’s one horny slut who doesn’t even mind that there’s a camera around when she gets down n’ dirty with her chosen fuckstud of the day.  Charlize can be seen naughtily smiling directly at whoever’s taking the photo in these pictures, no doubt getting even more turned on with the thought that there are thousands upon thousands of guys out there jacking off to the sight of her naked body as she gets her pussy filled with big, juicy cocks. This blonde bombshell from South Africa is a slutty cutie after our own heart, just check out how hot she is in these Charlize Theron raunchy sex photos.

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April 26th, 2010

Charlize Theron must be a really horny thing, because not only have we got dirty pics of her hardcore fuck sessions, but now we’ve even got evidence of her nasty masturbation episodes!  This statuesque blonde honey is really horny for something big and hard stuffed in her pussy and so when she doesn’t have the services of a live guy, she decides to take things into her own hands.  Literally.  And so we have photos of Charlize Theron feeling so hot that she has to pull out her magnificent fucktoys just to stuff them deep in her gash.

Her first dildo in these pictures is a glass dildo realistically shaped that she masturbates with enthusiastically, completely naked and down on the floor.  You can see that she’s really happy in this pic, and you can bet that she’s always got a smile on her face as long as there’s something long and hard in her cunny!  Or maybe even in her ass, because the next pic is even hotter, with this blonde South African reaming both her pussy and her ass with two dildosDouble penetration with the use of sextoys is so hardcore and I wouldn’t expect less from this dirty slut.

So, you still think that being an award-winning actress doesn’t mean that you’ve the same urges as any other girl out there?  Think again, because on this dirty Charlize Theron website, you can see our girl getting filthy with almost anything and anyone!

More of Charlize Theron’s hot nude movie scenes

October 14th, 2008

Charlize Theron may have been showing less skin on the bigscreen and as far as I know, the last time she did go daring was during her filming for the movie The Devil’s Advocate starring opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. There Charlize bravely showed off her wares while engaging in a hot love scene with Keanu, and of course, who wouldn’t forget that famous scene where she suddenly takes off her trench coat inside the church with cuts and bruises all over her naked body. But let us take you back in the 90’s where Charlize was just starting out as a budding Hollywood actress as she appeared in several movies and did some serious naked scenes that made her one of the sexiest and hottest Hollywood sex sirens of all time. We have gathered some of her steamy videos taken from “Two Days In The Valley” and “The Yards” and now you get to re-live those steamy, sexy moments with the lovely Charlize Theron as you get a glimpse of her awesome body and her bare essentials while making hot love with her leading man.

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Charlize Theron’s smoking nude photoshoot set

October 14th, 2008

Before Mighty Joe Young and Aeon Flux, there was this beautiful budding lady hailing from South Africa named Charlize Theron who started her career as a model before she made it big in Hollywood. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful faces ever to grace the silverscreen and she had heads turning for her tall, slender figure and disarming beauty. And we are lucky enough to have acquired some of these rare and steamy nude pictures of Charlize where she displayed her delectable naked body for the cameras. We have here some picture samples of this lovely Hollywood babe and by just looking at them, you might be getting stiff underneath and you just want to have her badly within your grasp!

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September 8th, 2008

The alluring Charlize Theron is not just another pretty face in Hollywood, in fact this South Africa-born celebrity has more to offer than just her looks and gorgeous figure, in fact she is one talented actress who will mesmerize you with her acting skills that is enough to earn her an Academy award for Best Actress in 2003 for her portrayal of a serial killer in the movie “Monster.” But we couldn’t help but look at her past works when she did go daring and revealed some skin that made guys go drooling over her wonderful nude body and we managed to gather some of those revealing moments by gathering all of her hot movie sex scenes like these small sample of videos taken from the movie The Devil’s Advocate wherein she gets into a hot love scene with Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves.

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July 2nd, 2008

The fun never stops and they just keep on coming like there’s no end! Tons and tons of explicit pictures of the sexy Charlize Theron are popping everywhere and we just couldn’t help ourselves but rake in all of those sleazy goodies and share to the entire world her secret sexcapades that each and everyone of you ought to see! I just can’t imagine how slutty and hungry Charlize can be when her fine pussy starts to crave for hard cocks to suck and fuck, but these smokin’ hardcore pictures are enough proof that the rumors are true and she is one horny sex kitten you will truly enjoy as she gets her thing on for the camera. Too bad that these photos had to leak out in public and there’s no way that you can stop the frenzy as our eager dudes and dudettes would scamper to get hold of her hardcore porn pictures.

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July 2nd, 2008

What would you do if this pretty, drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood babe suddenly undresses before you and soon after which she starts getting down on her knees to unzip your fly and give that throbbing cock of yours one excellent blowjob? Man, that would be the bomb! You might be twitching and moaning with delight once you look down to see that beautiful face turn into a cock-hungry slut licking and sucking on you knob! And what if that Hollywood chick was Charlize Theron who’s doing all that cocksucking?.. damn! I could now die a happy man! But all of these lurid fantasies of Charlize giving blowjobs may be a long shot from becoming a reality, but we just have the perfect site for you as we unveil a sample collection of those sizzling blowjob pictures of Charlize Theron and now you can just live out your wet fantasies of her as she chows down on some of the biggest and largest cocks she could find! See her stuff her hungry mouth with mighty rods until she gets to milk them with huge amounts of cum to swallow!

These are just samples that you are looking at right now, but we have more in store for you inside and they are more revealing and explicit than you ever expected. So go right ahead and have your dicks ready for more hard-pounding blowjob photos of Charlize Theron.

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July 2nd, 2008

We all know that Charlize Theron is one beautiful babe oozing with pure sex appeal, but with these small collection of nude pictures we’ve uncovered, maybe Charlize is one really fired-up babe who can get really kinky and horny during her free time behind the cameras. Whoever must have leaked these photos is one lucky bastard and now the entire world can see who the real Charlize Theron is and I say she’s one really hot feline looking for some serious fun! Anyhow, here are just samples from the hot collection of Charlize’s nude photos as our beautiful Hollywood bombshell flashes her fine pair of tits and delectable pussy in an array of provocative poses that you won’t find anywhere else.

By now you might be rubbing your bulging crotch and you just want to whip your cock and start jerking to her steamy nude pictures you are seeing right now. But if you want to see more of Charlize in all of her naked glory, might as well check her full gallery and have a fuckin’ good time with more of Charlize Theron’s steamy nude pictures.